The Benefits

Right Were You Need Us All The Time

The response and start-up time is extremely short. It is not unusual for the in situ machining team to be on their way already on the same day the breakdown occurred. The machining equipment itself is compact and light enough to travel together with the operators on the same flight. Being a small and flexible company, we can reach any installation, no matter where in the world it is 24 hours / 7 days a week. We can always select the most suitable equipment and personnel to deal with the damage at hand.

Same Result - Less Time

Eliminating the need to strip the equipment down and transport it to the workshop in combination with modern and optimized machining equipment developed by TVS Grinding reduce the repair time 40% in comparing with traditional grinding methods. Resulting precision tolerances are well within the limits set by the manufacturer.

Precision - Getting It Right The First Time

We invest in state-of-the-art machining tools and skilled service engineers to deliver first-class critical repairs and value-added performance. The tightest lead time, the fastest turnaround, count on us to deliver end-to-end repairs, fast.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mission is to minimize asset downtime for our customers from across industries around the globe. By performing these services In-Situ, we enable you to realize tremendous savings by eliminating the costs and additional downtime associated with the disassembly and removal, logistics, transport and reinstallation of the machinery or equipment.