Repairs during sea voyage - In situ, on board the vessel.

Our company has plenty of experience in the quick and expert installation and repair of a part or complete pipe systems on board ships and in the offshore and industrial sectors. We specialise in the performance of large and small repairs, and renovation of your pipework systems in collaboration with a testing institution of your choice.All fabrication works and repairs are personally managed and handled by our joint alliance skilled workmens.

To complete the service we delivers all kinds of machinery units and skids for the marine and offshore markets. Our large experience in repairs, major in situ on board the vessels, learns us how and from were to supply and delivers proper parts for your projects right on place. In case where spare parts are not available and is difficult to supply the orginals, we are able to manifacture almost any kind of parts with excelent quality and to deliver it in relatively short period of time.


Marine pipes and pipe systems

We deliver all kinds of pipes and ready-to-install pipe systems in various materials, such as Carbon steel, stainless steel, mild steel and duplex. These pipes can have a range of surface treatments - including sandblasting, galvanisation, priming rubber or PVC coatings - according to customers' requirements.

Examples of our marine pipes and pipe systems include:

  • Bilge and fire water
  • Ballast and drill water
  • Fuel oil
  • Thermal oil
  • Freshwater
  • Compressed air
  • Seawater cooling
  • Fuel and lubricant oil
  • Glycol and brine
  • Steam and condensate
  • Drilling mud
  • Dry bulk

Pre-insulated pipe systems

Examples include:

  • LNG liquid and vapour lines
  • LPG
  • Steam
  • Hot water
  • Thermal oil
  • Freon
  • Cargo pipes
  • Vapour return lines
  • Bunker lines

Our riding crew is ready to travel all over the world in order to carry out your maintenance and repair projects on board a vessel while on voyage, guaranteeing on-time completion with competitive cost. Routine or emergency intervention can include:

  • Main and auxiliary engines overhauling

  • Crankshaft repair - (All details you can found on our website)

  • Piping and pump works. Valve repairs - recondition of gate, globe, butterfly and safety valves. Safety valves readjustment.

  • Automation and safety equipment radjustment and repair.

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system works.

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